Suppose- You are designing a system for a hospital. This system stores the medical history of the hospital’s patients. Medical secretaries are required to access the full medical history, name, address and date of birth for any patient. A patient is uniquely identified by a National Insurance (NI) number but there may be occasions where this NI number is not known.Sketch and describing the screen layout you would design for a User Interface that would enable a medical secretary to search the database for the medical records of a patient.

The design should be simple and straightforward to use and cover the following:


  • A textbox (or similar) is present to input the National Insurance number.

  • A textbox (or similar) is present to input the patient’s last name as an alternative.

  • All labels, textboxes, drop-down lists, etc should be suitably placed and aligned.

  • A “Select” (or similar) button and “Clear Entry” (or similar) button are present.

  • When patient is selected demographic details are displayed for verification that patient is correct (e.g. family members with the same name may appear).

  • When patient is selected a summary of medical history is displayed.

  • The user can select an item from the medical history and then full details of that item are displayed.

  • Simple text instructions are displayed.

  • A help facility is available