A relational database consists of one or more tables. The common convention for representing a description of a relational database is to give the name of each table, followed by the column names in parentheses. Normally, the primary key is underlined. The description of the relational database for the StayHome video rental company is:-

Branch (branchNo, street, city, state, zipCode, mgrStaffNo)

Staff (staffNo, name, position, salary, branchNo)

Video (catalogNo, title, category, dailyRental, price, directorNo)

Director (directorNo, directorName)

Actor (actorNo, actorName)

Role (actorNo, catalogNo, character)

Member (memberNo, fName, lName, address)

Registration (branchNo, memberNo, staffNo, dateJoined)

RentalAgreement (rentalNo, dateOut, dateReturn, memberNo, videoNo)

VideoForRent (videoNo, available, catalogNo, branchNo)

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