i) Including a serial number on all forms.

  • The cost of including a serial number on all forms is very low

  • It adds problems in storage and usage as it is expected that, where possible, lower serial numbers should be used first

  • It provides security for items such as invoices, cheques, etc

ii) Printing forms on standard in-house hardware such as laser printers or using an external printer to supply bulk copies.

  • It is economic to print relatively small numbers of simple forms in house

  • Large numbers of more complex, multi-sheet forms are better produced externally on specialist facilities

iii) Adding solid lines to forms.

  • Horizontal lines can be used to separate sections of the form, vertical lines to separate columns

  • No more than two different thicknesses of line should be used

iv) The typefaces to use.

  • The number of typefaces should be kept to a minimum

  • A mixture of capitals and lowercase is easiest to read

  • Using all capitals should be reserved for headings for grouped items