Stock photo collections—Stock photo collections can cost anywhere from thousands of dollars for a few images to under $20 for thousands of images Digital camera—A digital camera lets you take your own photos and use them on the Web.These cameras store photos in JPG format, so you do not have to convert them.

Scanner—you can scan your own photos or images and save them as GIF, JPG, or PNG files for use on your Web site.

Public domain Web sites—Many Web sites maintain online catalogs of images that are available for download. Some of these sites charge a small membership fee, so you can download as many images as you want. Other public domain Web sites are completely free.

Create your own—if you need a basic image or if you have graphic design skills, you can download a shareware graphics tool and learn to use it.

Clip art—Clip art is a viable alternative for the Web, especially as more polished collections become available for sale on CD-ROM. Price generally corresponds to quality for clip art.