Clear communication with users and management.

        Generation of structured specification documentation.

        Estimation of costs/budgets for the alternative solutions.

What is the abilities, skills and personal characteristics required of professional systems analyst.

        Analytical ability, common sense and intelligence

        A personality that radiates confidence, enthusiasm and encourages trust

        An ability to plan, stick to plans and meet deadlines

        Stamina, resourcefulness and doggedness to stick to objectives and see the project Through.

Three main tasks of a systems analyst when analyzing the existing system.

        To understand the existing system.

        To record this information in a way that they and the user can understand and agree.

        To refine the recorded statement into a logical specification.

        To add the requirements of a new system to the logical specification

What is the benefits of everyone in an organization adopting a standard approach to systems Analysis.

        Increased productivity – the required tasks in each stage of analysis are clear so there is no time wasted in determining what needs to be done and what the outcomes should be.

    Better quality systems – analysts are prompted to ask the right questions and testing/checkpoints  review progress and omissions.

        Better communication – diagrams produced have a standard syntax that all involved can readily use and understand.

        Better project management – standard task use standard techniques and produce standard    diagrams allowing progress to be easily monitored.

        Better documentation – standard diagrams and documents are produced throughout the analysis phase.

Two problems that the analyst will have to overcome in order to carry out the role effectively.

Users may be hostile to or frightened to change, or may have little time available to spend time              talking to the analyst.

An understanding of the problems faced by the programmers and designers is required so that the           precise information they require is given.

There may be conflicting user requirements that must be resolved