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Cut, Copy and Paste content from the same/other documents.


These options will allow you to Cut or Copy a piece of text from one location and to paste at a new location.

To do these functions:-

Place the cursor at the beginning of the text to be selected. Drag the mouse pointer over the text. The text will now appear in reverse video as shown below:-


  • Click Edit menu and then click on Cut option (or) clickicon on the Standard Toolbar. Move the cursor to the place where you want the text to be pasted.
  • Click Edit menu and then click Paste option (or) clickicon on the  Standard Toolbar

For copying the text from one location to other location the same procedure is to be followed. The difference between Cut and Copy is that while using the Cut option the text will be removed from its original location and pasted at a new location, where as when using Copy option a copy of the selected text is pasted at new location without disturbing the original text.