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Auto Format & Auto Text


Auto Format

Use AutoFormat to reformat an entire document using a selected document template as a basis for the changes. Templates are supplied with Word, or you can create your own templates based on a document in which styles are applied to text, headings, lists and other text and graphic elements within the document. You can use Format/Style Gallery to view and apply available style templates to your document. Autoformat applies a style to every paragraph and heading. It typically replaces indentations created with spaces or tabs with paragraph indents, asterisks and dashes with bullets, and so on.

Auto Text

The AutoText feature lets you store commonly used passages, such as addresses, contract clauses, etc., and insert them whenever needed with a click of your mouse to create an AutoText entry.

Select a graphic or text block such as your name and address in your document.

Pick the Insert / AutoText menu selection: The Auto Text dialog box is displayed as shown below:

  • Type a Short name in the Name box and click Add.