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Posts published in “MS office”

Synonyms/ Thesaurus


The tools /Thesaurus menu selection gives you possible meanings and synonyms for selected words in your documents. This helps you…

To use Stored Auto Text


To use Stored Auto Text Type the short name of your Auto text and Highlight it. Click Insert/ AutoText from…

Auto Format & Auto Text


Auto Format Use AutoFormat to reformat an entire document using a selected document template as a basis for the changes.…

Auto correct


Auto Correct stores a list of common typographical errors and their spellings. When you make an error, Word detects it…

Numbering Pages


Open any word document. Click Insert menu and then click Page Numbers option. You will get the screen as shown…

Sort the Table


We can arrange the data in the table in some order i.e. by name, By ID no, By basic etc.…