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Missing SEO Factors & the Guide’s Philosophy.

  • Some experienced SEOs may be wondering why some factors aren’t shown.
  • How come ALT text or bolding words aren’t included as important HTML factors, for example? The answer is that we don’t think those things are that important, relatively speaking.
  • We’re not trying to encompass every possible signal (Google has over 200 of them) and sub-signals (Google has over 10,000 of those).
  • Instead, the goal with the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors and this online companion guide help those new to SEO focus on the big picture and perhaps help some experienced SEO hit the “reset” button if they’re feeling a bit lost among the trees of the SEO forest. That’s why this guide doesn’t try to get into the debate over whether having your most important keywords be at the beginning or end of an HTML title tag. Nor are we trying to assess if H1 header tags carry more weight than H2 tags.
  • We’re purposely avoiding being so specific because such things can easily become overkill. Instead, we want you to understand that your pages should have descriptive titles, that indicating page structure with header tags may help, and topping things off with easily deployed Meta description tag is a good idea Do these things, and you’d probably addressed 90% of the most important HTML-related factors. Similarly, it’s not whether a good reputation on Twitter is worth more than on Face book. Instead, it’s trying to help people understand that having social accounts that seem reputable in general.
  •  Which attract a good following and generate social shares, is a good that may help you with your search efforts?