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How fibre optic cables are used to transmit telecommunications signals.

  • Made of thin strands of silicone fibre
  • Transmission occurs at very high light wave frequencies
  • Allows for much greater transmission rates
  • Light waves are created by laser
  • Uses a monomode technique where a single stream of light travels down each fibre

Advantages of using fiber optic cable to transmit telecommunications signals.

  • Transmission is at light frequencies which are much higher than radio frequencies.
  • This means that much greater quantities of information can be transmitted.
  • Has good corrosion resistance

Why copper-based broadband is widely used despite the advantages of using fibre-optics.

  • Much of the world’s telecommunications infrastructure is still based upon copper wires.
  • Therefore, the cost of replacing all this copper wire with fibre-optic cable is high and would also require time. This means that there is a need for broadband systems based upon copper wire.