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What is the ISDN applications and reasons for using technology:


Computer Conferencing.

  • Allows remote users to simultaneously hold a voice discussion via the telephone
  • And annotate images and transmit files using their workstation
  • All via the same ISDN call.


ISDN Tele-Marketing.

  • Uses CLI to pass the caller’s number to a computer that searches a database for the caller’s information
  • t can be used to automatically transfer calls to a personal account manager
  • Saves money as call time is reduced and file retrieval is more accurate
  • Improves customer service by providing better targeting of products and services


ISDN Remote Surveillance.

  • Used to guard against fire, theft or other threats
  • llows non-permanent connections between a number of security cameras at a remote site and a central monitoring facility
  • sing CLI allows individual alarm conditions to be reported automatically
  • High data rates allow fast camera refresh times for enhanced security coverage