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Which sections contained in a user system specification.

  • Introduction – brief introduction to system, reason for changes, statement of problem, expected benefits of new system.
  • Procedure summary – one page summary of system showing major changes and explaining principles. A set of DFDs or system flowchart.
  • Procedure specification – description of clerical and interactive procedures including DFDs or flowcharts for these. Brief, non-technical description of the purpose of the new procedures.
  • Data – samples or mock-ups of the new input/output documents and displays. Specs for new clerical files and documents. Summary description of new computer based data files.
  • Supporting information – organization chart showing lines of responsibility in new system. Department grid.
  • Changeover – plans for the change from the old to the new system including timescales, critical activities, and workloads.
  • Operations – anticipated schedules, deadlines and critical points.