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Printing documents


Set Page Setup options. Click File menu Select and click Page Setup option. You will get the following screen. Here…

Best 10 way to build Off page SEO

  • Create a blog: Creating a blog is free and easy and you get results rather quickly. You have probably heard it before but good quality content is the best way to build links, so make your blog informative and useful. You need a blog in todays online environment all you will be left behind.
  • Create a resource page: Offer a resource or link page on your website; this is an excellent way to show you are willing to link. People are constantly scowering the web for link partners- a sure fire way to build links fast.
  • Profile links: you know all those forums and profiles you have set up well you can probably put a link in the signature. This means you will get a link every time you have posted on that site. Most of these forums are high PR

Font Controlling


To get different character styles we can change Font type Click on Format menu Select Font option. You will get…

Changing case of text


You can change the selected text into either UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title case or tOGGLE cASE Highlight the text. Select the…