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Details Describe About Parts Of Word.


Menu bar: - This is the traditional windows style drop-down menu. When you point to any menu title and click once with the mouse, the menu will open displaying all the commands available under this menu. Clicking on the desired command would tell Word to execute that command. Some commands have ellipses (…) in front of them.These commands have further sub commands. Commands appearing in dim mode cannot be executed unless the prerequisite functions required by that command have been performed, e.g. you cannot use the Copy or Cut command from the Edit menu unless you have selected a piece of text first. Many commands also have a keyboard shortcuts specified against their names.

Standard toolbar: - Toolbar contain buttons, drop-down menus and other controls that help you to quickly alter the appearance and arrangement of documents by executing a variety of word commands. Toolbar s are very helpful and convenient

Computer Assembling Part – 1


Important Device: - we know that there are many devices are very important for making a multimedia pc. Below these devices:-

Casing with power supply HDD,FDD
Mother Board Graphics Card
Processor CD/DVD Rom Drive
RAM Sound Card


The Technique of Assembling:-

Step 1:- At first serial number will be written for computer assembles. This will helpful for computer servicing next time.

Step -2:- Casing cover will be put off and look after in casing have power supply and screw.

1Step-3:- Screw and washer will set up to the point place and right measurement in the casing